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To Setup and Use a Web Account

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      You must first have been issued a web user name and password. These can be applied for by submitting the appropriate information on the PERBA Web Account form. The request will be processed by this office. Once you receive your user name and password, you are ready to start getting permits. You will be asked for them each time you log on to PERBA. Make sure that when you enter your web user name, you leave a single space to the left of the last two numbers (Ex: XXXXX 01).

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      You should check to see that your company name in the "Issue To" and "Charge To" fields. The "Issue To" field can be changed, if you are ordering the permit for another company, but the "Charged To" cannot . If you need to change the "Issue To" field, it is critical that new account number be correct. If you have the wrong number or make a mistake when you enter it, the permit will be issued to the wrong customer or rejected because there is no customer with that account number.

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      Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by a member of the Truck Permit Office staff, any necessary changes will be made, a permit number will be assigned and an official copy of the finished permit will be sent to the fax number you provided with your Web Account application. Next, unless you are using an a-form or c-form as your official permit (see number 2 above) and not the fax copy, you should always attach the latest revision of the "Supplement to Oversize and Overweight Permits" (can be downloaded from the Weights and Standards PERMITS page and reproduced as needed) to the fax copy of your permit. If there are any problems with your application, you will receive an e-mail message instructing you to contact the Permit Office. The new Internet Hotline number (225-377-7113) can be used for this purpose. Please note that this number should not be used for call-in permits.

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      No, you do not have to a charge customer to apply for permits via the Internet. However, if you are not a charge customer, you can purchase permits for oversize only and you must use a Prepaid Oversize ("A") form to apply (NOTE: For more information on using Prepaid Oversize Permits for Internet applications, see the Truck Permits, under memo's web page). Charge customers may use a control ("C") form. However, it’s actually best not to use a form, unless your driver is in the field and does not have access to a fax machine. In those cases, simply apply for your permit through the Web, supplying the number on the form the driver has. When you receive the fax copy of your permit, just give the driver the permit number and issuing official to note on his form. NOTE: It is very important that you also pass along any changes to the permit information that may have been made by the permit office (Ex: route revisions). If you have already filled out the form, these changes should be made on the form itself and the issuing official’s initials noted beside each.

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      Use the tab key and the mouse to get from field to field. Give the information the way you would if you were actually talking to a permit agent. Some more specific tips are:

      When you get to the Origin and Destination fields, key in the first letter of the city you want, open the drop down list and highlight it. If it’s not on there, just select the city on the list that is closest and note the actual city in the comments of the application.

      It is extremely important to be as specific and complete as possible when proving route information, particularly the starting and ending points. On oversize permits, it is a good idea to go ahead and note your GVW, if available, in the comments of the application.

      On overweight permits, enter the number of axles in a set and the weight of each set. For example, a normal five axle truck and trailer combination would be 1 @ 12000, 2 @ 44000 and 2 @ 44,000.........gross 100,000. The axle spacings are not required at this time, but probably will be at some time in the future. For the tire size, enter only the width figure of the tire size in inches (ex: 11.0).

      When entering mileage, put on a single numerical figure like "50", instead of "50 miles" or "0-50." The same thing goes when you’re entering dimensions. For example, PERBA doesn’t understand "Legal" for the overall height, so use 13' 6" or better still, whatever the actual size is (sometimes even legal isn’t small enough to fit under or through some structures or construction areas).

      Don’t forget to scroll to the very end of the application form. There is a space at the end for comments like the name and contact phone number of the person submitting the application (very nice for us to have), letter dates and other helpful information.

      After you enter all of your information, click on "Submit" to send it to us. PERBA will give you a tracking number for that permit application. If you need another permit at that point, click on "Request Permit." If you want to check the status of your permit, click on "Track Permits." This shows when it was submitted, received and issued.

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    To Setup a Charge Account:
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      To establish a CASH BOND, a cashier's check or a certified check must be posted with the Truck Permit Office. To execute the bond, the check amount should be in the minimum amount of $1,000.00 or increments of $1,000.00 to an amount equal to the customer's monthly billing. It is also required that your Federal Identification number be furnished when opening you account.

      Customers who fail to pay the full invoice amount of a charge account within thirty (30) days of the billing date may have further privileges revoked and the Department will close you account.

      A charge account allows a customer to purchase books of blank permit forms which may be activated as eeded by the permittee. In order to cover printing and handling costs, a book of fifty (50) permit forms is sold for $5.00.

      A Control Permit Form (C-Form) can be activated by filling it out completely in ink and then placing a telephone call to the Truck Permit Office. The form is not valid without the Permit Number which is supplied by the DOTD Permit Issuing Official at the time of activation.

      The white original sheet of the permit must be carried with the vehicle for which it was issued at all times. The yellow copy must be mailed to the Truck Permit Office within twenty-four (24) hours of the Permit's activation.

      For additional information, please feel free to call (225) 377-7146.

      All correspondences for Oversize/Overweight Permits should be mailed to the address below:

      Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
      Attention: Truck Permit Office
      Post Office Box 94042
      Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9042

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