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PERBA (Permits Electronic Routing and Bridge Analysis)
Attention: Credit Card Customers

As most of you know we have been developing an automated credit card processing solution that will give our customers the option of paying for oversize/overweight permits without human intervention. A $10 state charge will be assessed per bundle/transaction to help defray credit card fees currently being absorbed by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and development.

Phase 1 - Issuance of annual permits that require no routing information.

Phase 2 - Allows customers to bundle up to 10 different annual permits of the same type per credit card transactions

Phase 3 - NEW Allows oversize and mobile home permits to be issued using the static routes in the automated permitting system. (No bundling, must purchase one permit at a time with a $10 state charge per transaction). Click here to look at static automated routes and the dimensions allowed for those routes, to be used for these permits.

The permit office will continue to work on this solution until the point is reached that most permits, even those with routing information, will be issued in the same manner as the annuals. Your help and patience is appreciated as we develop and test each phase.

The permits that may utilize this solution at this time are listed below with a short description.

02 - HARVEST SEASON OR NATURAL FOREST PRODUCTS: $10.00—1 calendar year—farm or forest products in their natural state— GVW 86,600 non-interstate—83,400 on interstate

10 – OVERSIZE: $10.00 per day/trip—for vehicles and loads that exceed the legal limitations on length, width or height

11- MOBILE HOME: $10.00 FOR 3 days –for mobile homes that exceed the legal limitations on length, width or height

14 - FOREST PRODUCTS: $10.00—1 year to date—9’ wide—pulpwood and plywood bolts—non-interstate highways

16 - FOREST MANAGEMENT EQUIPMENT: $10.00—1 year to date—logging equipment only, no general construction equipment—non-interstate highways

24 - WASTE VEHICLE: $10.00—1 year to date—waste disposal trucks with single axles on the rear, allows 23,000 on rear axle—truck must have been in actual use in Louisiana by January 1, 1977—non-interstate highways

26 - REFUSE/WASTE: $10.00—1 year to date-- vehicle & combination of vehicles to transfer commercial/household trash— GVW 86,600 --non-interstate highways

28 - REFUSE PERMIT: $1,000.00—1 year to date—vehicle & combination of vehicles to transfer commercial/household trash—108,000 on 5 axles—120,000 on 6 axles—non-interstate highways

32 - TIMBER CUTTING/LOGGING EQUIPMENT: $100.00—1 year to date—minimum of 18 wheels operated to transport up to 2 pieces of company owned timber cutting/logging equipment and trailer from one jobsite to another—non-interstate highways

34 - YEARLY OVERSIZE: $500.00—1 year to date—vehicles and loads that exceed the legal limitations on length, height and width—allows 14’4” in height; 12’ wide; 90’ long

48 - CONTAINER CARGO CLASS 1: $50.00—1 calendar year—International Trade—GVW 80,000—40,000 per tandem

50 - LIQUID BULK CONTAINER PERMITS: $200.00—1 calendar year— International Trade — GVW 95,000—rear set must be tridum

52 - CONTAINER CARGO CLASS 2: $500.00—1 calendar year— International Trade — GVW 95,000—rear set must be tridum

56 - SOLID WASTE: $50.00—1 year to date—trucks fitted with a compactor used for collecting and hauling solid waste— GVW 68,000 or 80,000 depending on axle configuration—non-interstate highways

58 - AGRONOMIC/HORTICULTURAL PERMIT: $100.00—1 calendar year--Agronomic or Horticultural crops in their natural state—GVW 100,000—non-interstate highways except for sugarcane

60 - COTTON MODULE: $50.00—1 calendar year—3 axles— GVW 68,000—non-interstate highways
If you need more information, please call the Truck Permit Office at 225-343-2345 or 1800-654-1433

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