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Vehicle Registration and Licensing
Temporary 48-Hour Permits
Out-of-state vehicles, eligible for apportioned registration but not registered as such, will be required to purchase a 48-HOUR TRIP PERMIT for a fee of $50.00 prior to entering the State, or at a port of entry stationary scale before proceeding through Louisiana. This permit covers interstate and intrastate movement and allows a vehicle to operate in Louisiana for 48 continuous hours.

Temporary 48-Hour Trip Permits apply as follows:

A vehicle is properly registered in a jurisdiction which belongs to the IRP but the vehicle is not apportioned for Louisiana. A TEMPORARY 48-HOUR TRIP PERMIT is required before the vehicle may operate either interstate or intrastate in Louisiana.

A TEMPORARY 48-HOUR TRIP PERMIT must be in the cab of the vehicle for which it was issued from the time the vehicle enters Louisiana unless the vehicle is on a direct route to a port-of-entry enforcement unit.

Temporary 48-Hour Trip Permits may be purchased as a courtesy at Louisiana port-of-entry stationary enforcement units of the Weight and Standards Police, any stationary enforcement unit other than port-of entry (provided the vehicle is not in violation), or the Louisiana International Registration Plan (IRP) office (in advance only).

They may also be obtained from most permitting services.

Contact Information:
IRP Offices 877-905-3854

DPS Weights & Standards 225-925-3800
Port-of-Entry Information

Comdata 800-749-6058
NOVA Permits 800-567-7775

Jet Permits 800-788-0603

Benchmark Permits Service 800-777-3545