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PERBA (Permits Electronic Routing Bridge Analysis)
Truck Permit Office:

    The Truck Permit Office issues all oversize/overweight permits that govern truck movement on state highways. These special use permits are controlled by highway geometry and condition, gross and axle weights, day and time of day travel, escort (private or State Police), curfews, and other conditions necessary to insure safe travel on state highways.

    Fees for all oversize/overweight permits are set by the Legislature and are for the damage caused by their passage and to pay the administrative costs of issuance. There are 27 different types of permits issued by this office and the fees are collected by payment on the spot or charged against surety bonds covering each company's monthly bill.

    Presently the Truck Permit Office has a Customer list of over 33,000 companies, individuals, state and federal agencies. There are over 1,325 charge account customers with surety bonds backing these accounts totaling over $3.5 million. This office receives between 600 to 800 telephone calls a day and issues an average of 900 oversize/overweight permits a day. Over 235,000 permits are issued each fiscal year with gross sales of over $20 million.

    24-Hour response provided by the Vehicle Permits Manager and four (4) shift supervisors for emergency type moves. These calls are screened by an answering service that intercepts calls after hours and on certain holidays.

Office Hours:

    Office Hours:
    6 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Mon. thru Fri., Closed Sat. & Sun.
    (225) 343-2345 or (800) 654-1433

    Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
    Attention: Truck Permit Office
    Post Office Box 94042
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9042

    Tammy Anderson - Transportation Permits Manager