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LA 8Closed for bridge replacement just east of La 465 start 4-7-14 for approx 1 month (Vernon parish)
LA 14Closed to overwidth loads between 4th Street and 8th Street in Lake Arthur..start asap ..for permission contact Gail w/ dist 07 @ 337-437-9210 about 1 month
I20 EB/WBHold 12' wide between LA 145 and the Ouachita Parish Line. (Lincoln Parish) 3/26/14...UFN
LA 50Closed at railroad track start 4-14-14 for a short time per Richard Skoien w/ dist 02
US 51Closed between La 1064 and La 40 due to a festival per Asst Police Chief Tickfaw start 4-23-14 to 4-29-14
US 80EBClosed from US 167 (Vienna Street) to just east of Bonner Street. UFN (Lincoln Parish)
LA 82Hold 10' wide at drain west of Pecan Island start 3-13-14 for a couple months per Matt Lancon w/ dist 03 @ 337-893-4853 updated 4-15-14 to no restriction until 4-24-14
LA 95Hold 10' wide from Us 190 to 2.5 miles north start 4-1-14 per Sharon Soileau w/ dist 03 at 337-948-0285
LA 105Hold 10' wide between La 3173 and Us 190 start 2-28-14 (St Landry parish) per Sharon Soileau w/ dist 03 approx. 1 month
LA 121Hold 12' wide between LA 8 to the Rapides Parish Line starting Thursday, April 17. UFN (Vernon Parish)
LA 151Closed 1.2 miles north of La 546 start asap (Ouachita parish) per Matt Jantz w/ dist 05
US 190Closed at railroad tracks just west of Us 11 start 4-14-14 for a couple of days (St Tammany parish)
LA 352Closed between Lake Fosse Pt to 2 miles north of La 3083 start 4-10-14 for permission contact David Landry w/ dist 03 @ 337-349-1464 (St Martin parish) approx 1 mth
LA 361Hold 10' wide between La 107 and 1.39 miles north start 4-1-14 per Sharon Soileau w/ dist 03 at 337-948-0285
LA 389Hold 12' wide between Us 190 and 2 miles south start asap 4-9-14 for approx 2 weeks per Ken Lewis w/ dist 07 (Beauregard parish)
LA 451Closed at railroad tracks in Moreauville start 4-23-14 for a short time (Avoyelles parish)
LA 485Closed for bridge repair over Little River 3.6 miles north of La 6 start 4-8-14 approx 1 week (Natchitoches parish)
LA 501Closed about 10 miles north of La 156 start 4-21-14 for approx 1 week (Winn parish)
LA 545Closed for bridge repair 2 miles north of La 146 start asap (Lincoln parish) UFN
LA 585Closed 4 miles north of La 2 to 5 miles north of La 2 start 4-21-14 for approx 45 days (West Carroll parish)
LA 661The Houma Navigation Canal Bridge crossing the Houma Navigation Canal on LA 661 in Houma, LA will be closed to vehicular traffic in accordance with the schedule ** (Terrebonne parish) for permission call Jacob Oncale w/ dist 02 @ 985-858-2408

Monday, April 14, 2014 thru Thursday April 17, 2014 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
Monday, April 21, 2014 thru Friday April 25, 2014 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
Monday, April 28, 2014 thru Friday May 2, 2014 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
LA 668/671Closed at junction …cannot turn from Canal St to Admiral Doyle for at least 2 weeks…start 4-21-14 .(Iberia parish)
LA 1115Closed between La 91 and S Leblanc Street start 3-31-14 for a couple of months per Brandon Bundick w/ dist 03 @ 337-788-7501
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I10 WBLegal weight on I10 ramp in Baton Rouge..start asap 8-14-12 no exceptions Dist 61 (East Baton Rouge parish)
I20EBHold 12' wide at Mississippi line..starting 3-17-14 Mon-Fri 7am to 5pm :weekends open per Tommy Thames w/ Miss Permit office (Madison parish) ufn updated 4-7-14 still restricted
Hide details for Lake Ponchatrain CausewayLake Ponchatrain Causeway
CausewayGVW 88,000- 13'6" HIGH, 8' WIDE, 65' LENGTH(TRK/TRL), 45 LENGTH (SINGLE)***For specific axle weights and more information go to www.TheCauseway.US 10-29-07
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LA 1Hold 10' wide in New Roads (Hospital rd) start 3-12-14 UFN for permission contact Tim Thomas w/ dist 61 @ 225-342-7570 (West Baton Rouge parish)
LA 6Hold 14' Wide and 175,000 pounds @ Texas line per James Mangawang W/ Texas Permits Dist 08 (Sabine parish) start 10-14-10
LA 8Closed @ Texas line as per Texas permits Dist 08 (Sabine parish) updated 12-9-10
LA 8Hold 12' wide between La 121 and La 465 start 2-3-14 UFN per Marcus Conella w/ dist 08 @ 337-238-6406 (Vernon parish)
LA 9/147Due to bad railroad tracks in Arcadia just south of Us 80 not to be used if possible. (Bienville parish) 5-11-11
LA 13No permit loads in Town Square of Crowley. (Acadia Parish)
LA 13 SBNo permit loads from Us 190 and just south of La 91 due to roadway emergency start 2-15-13 updated 8/12/13 per Stacy White w/ dist 03 (St Landry Parish)
LA 14Due to bad turns in Lake Arthur use: 14EB-380-26-14 and reverse route WB per Mayor and St Police (Dist 07) (Jeff Davis Parish)
LA 20Hold 10' wide & Posted @ 40 Arpent Canal 10/15 Tons - between Vacherie and Chack Bay ***no shoulders*** Dist 61 (St James Parish)
LA 20Please do not route through Thibodaux on LA 20. Dist 02 (Lafourche Parish)
LA 23SBMust go wrong way over Belle Chasse bridge if over 90ft. long or over 14ft. wide with State Police Escort to get around Belle Chasse Tunnel. UFN (Plaquemines Parish)
LA 34WBHold 12' wide between I20 and Campbell Lane {which is south of railroad track} start 2-24-14 (Ouachita parish) for permission call Kevin Bordelon @ 318-452-5942
LA 35Closed to all permit loads between La 335 and La 82 start 2-13-14 for several months (Vermillion parish) per Matt Lancon w/ dist 03
LA 35No permit loads north of LA 14 through the town of Kaplan. Use 14-N. Lemaire-35 as detour (Vermillion Parish) per local government
LA 39Hold 11'6" wide across the Inner Harbor Navigational Canal Bridge Updated 12-4-13 UFN per Kevin Adams w/ dist 02 @ 504-253-6140 (Orleans parish)
LA42/431Hold 14' 4" Wide *If over 14’ 4” Wide: Must contact Dist 61 for instructions to manuever through roundabout...Aaron Elisar W/ Dist 61 @ 225-675-5320 (Ascension Parish)
LA 44Hold 12' wide at the on ramp from LA 44 to LA 70/Sunshine Bridge. This is a permanent restriction. Effective 12/3/09. Dist 61 (Ascension Parish)
LA 70Hold 11' wide and 13' 6" high across the Sunshine Bridge start 2-3-14 for several months.(updated 2-24-14)...for permission call Michael Ricca @ 225-328-5801
LA 70Legal weight and No lowboy trailers @ Belle River Bridge... postings are 40/25 tons. Must observe a speed limit of 15 mph while crossing the bridge. Dist 61 (Assumption parish)
LA 73Closed just east of I110 due to emergency repair start 1-22-14 ufn (E Baton Rouge parish)
LA 73Hold 10' wide and 75' long between La 621 and Post Office rd near Us 61 in Prairieville Start 3-23-12 updated 11-14-12 (Ascension parish) If beginning or ending there they can call Dist 61 Brittany office @ 225-675-5320
LA 77Closed just north of La 3066 crossing Port Allen Lock ufn per Tim Thomas with dist 61 (Iberville parish)
LA 82Hold 11' wide and 16'6" high at TX/LA line as per James Mangawang W/ Texas Permits start 2-25-11 Dist 07 (Cameron parish) If over these dimensions they must have their Texas permit.
LA 82Posted bridge 15/25 Tons @ Mermentau River in Grand Chenier. Allow up to 132,000 lbs but must assume responsiblity Dist 07 (Cameron parish)
LA 93 SB to I10 EBHold 12' wide (also see LA 3168 & LA 93)due to roundabout construction Start 10/4/13 per David Landry W/ Dist 03 (Lafayette Parish)
LA 93NBHold 12' Wide coming from I10 Eb to 93 Nb (also see LA 3168 & LA 93)due to roundabout construction Start 10/4/13 per David Landry W/ Dist 03 (Lafayette Parish)
LA 93/3168Hold 12' wide (also see I10 E & LA 93 S)due to roundabout construction Start 11/28/12 per David Landry W/ Dist 03 (Lafayette parish)
LA 97No width between I10 and La 102 (South of I10) Start 2-11-13 UFN per Gail Schlesinger W/ Dist 07 @ 337-437-9210 (Jefferson Davis parish) updated 11-18-13
LA 104Closed at the junction of Us 190 in Opelousas start 1-6-14 approx 3 months (St Landry parish)
LA 105South of 190 must use SB 190-3174-3173-105 & reverse NB per Chief Lacassin Start 6-24-04 Dist 03 (St Landry Parish)
LA 118Hold 12’ Wide between US 171 & LA 117 Starting 10/7/13 UFN as per Marcus Cornella W/ Dist 08 (Sabine Parish)
LA 147/9Due to bad railroad track in Arcadia just south of Us 80 not to be used if possible. (Bienville parish) 5-11-11
LA 157Closed 1/2 mile east of Us 71 @ Flat River bridge updated 10/11/13 per Michael Murphy W/ Dist 04 (Bossier parish)
LA 182Do not use bridge @ Bayou Bouef in Amelia Dist 61 (Assumption Parish) 4-12-12
LA 310Closed @ Bayou Lafourche Bridge in Larose due to mechanical problems....Very low weight bridge ..UFN start 7-28-11 Dist 02 (Lafourche Parish)
LA 316Closed @ Intracoastal waterway due to constant mechanical problems also posted 15/25 Tons..leaving it closed 4-26-06 Dist 02 (Terrebonne Parish)
LA 320Hold 14' wide between La 182 and La 86 start 3-5-14 for permission call Mark Arceneaux w/ dist 03 @ 337-298-3760 (Iberia parish)
LA 352Hold 10' wide and legal weight between Main St in Henderson to Herman Dupuis Rd south of Henderson (Levee rd)...start 10-15-13 per David Landry with dist 03 at 337-349-1464 (St Martin parish)
LA 354Closed over I10 UFN Start 10/31/12 per Dist 03 update 9/25/13 open to local traffic only (Lafayette parish)
LA 366Closed due to bad railroad tracks per Dist 08 **forever** Updated 1-19-06 Dist 08 (Grant Parish)
LA 384Posted and hold 20/35 Tons across the Intracoastal Waterway both north and south of Grand Lake per Steve Young W/ Dist 07 @337-437-9128**will allow up to 120,000 pounds with permission (if beginning or ending there)** and must assume responsibility updated 6-28-11 (Calcasieu parish)
LA 402Hold 10' Wide @ Brusle St Vincent between 403 & Lake Verret Starting 7/11/13 per Cathy Martin/Aaron Elisar @225-675-5320 UFN Dist 61 (Assumption Parish) updated 11-18-13
LA 405All permit loads going to LA 405 or coming from LA 405 in Plaquemine must use 1-Evergreen Street-405 or reverse. UFN Dist 61 (Iberville Parish) due to a sharp turn per Area Engineer.
LA 405Hold 11’ Wide and NO overweight between Stewart St and LA 993 Call Pam or Tim @ 225-342-7570 for permission Start 7/29/13 Updated 10/3/13 Dist 61 (Iberville Parish)
LA 406/407
All permit loads over 90' L or over 14' W must go wrongway at Belle Chasse/ Judge Perez Bridge W/State Police Escort UFN Dist 02 (Plaquemines Parish)
LA431/42Hold 14' 4" Wide *If over 14’ 4” Wide: Must contact Dist 61 for instructions to manuever through roundabout...Aaron Elisar W/ Dist 61 @ 225-675-5320 (Ascension Parish)
LA 442Closed @ railroad tracks East of US 51 as per Tickfaw city police. Start 12-18-09. Dist 62 (Tangipahoa Parish)
LA 444Hold 12’ Wide between LA 63 & LA 22 Start 9/17/13 UFN per Steve Perilloux W/ Dist 62 (Livingston Parish)
LA 478Closed between I49 & LA 1 due to Old River Bridge and Bayou Julien Bridge replacements 8-28-12 for approx 1 yr ..updated 10-21-13 Dist 08 (Natchitoches Parish)
LA 511Hold 11' wide between I49 and La 1 start 1-27-14 ufn per Michael Murphy w/ dist 04 (Caddo parish)
LA 524Closed between US 165 & LA 123 North of Pollock due to bad bridge...start 7/17/12 updated 9/13/13 UFN Dist 08 (Grant Parish)
LA 527Due to bad railroad tracks between LA 157 & US 71 we do not permit lowboys over this track (Bossier Parish)
LA 538Due to bad curve DO NOT cross Caddo Lake on LA 538 to bypass posted bridge on La 1. Only use if beginning or ending there. Dist 04 (Caddo Parish)
LA 614Between 157 & 164 hairpin turn not to be used by permit loads..forever Dist 04 (Bossier Parish)
LA 671Closed between La 668 and La 182 start 1-17-14 for approx 2 yrs (Iberia parish) per Ronnie Ardion w/ Gilchrist const at 337-658-4836
LA 975 NBNo trailers northbound due to bad railroad tracks one mile south of US 190 near Krotz Springs. Dist 03 (St Landry Parish)
LA 1030Hold 11' wide between LA 16 and LA 1026 start 11/14/12(update 6/5/13) UFN per Kris Wascom W/ Dist 62 @ 225-686-2689 updated 11-18-13 till mid 2014 (Livingston Parish)
LA 1083Closed between Lowe Davis Rd (North of La 435) and La 40 Start 8-14-13 UFN Dist 61 (St Tammany Parish)
LA 1111SPCannot go 1111sp south to Us 90 east towards Rayne due to cement barrier. Can go 1111sp east to 90. 1-18-2012 *Also hold 16' wide from La 1111sp south to 90west. This is permanent. Dist 03 (Acadia Parish)
LA 1138/2I210 EB on ramp from SB LA 1138/2 (Nelson Rd/Prien Lake Rd) will be closed updated 7-28-11 UFN Dist 07 (Calcasieu Parish)
LA 1236Closed due to 4 bridge replacements start 1-28-14 for at least 1 year (Winn parish)
LA 3033Closed midway between La 838 and La 34 start 4-1-14 (Ouachita parish) UFN
LA 3060Closed between La 18 and the railroad tracks south of la 18 start 3-17-14 for a couple of months (St Charles parish)
LA 3147Drop bottom trailers with oversize and or overweight permit loads crossing the pontoon bridge must contact Dist 03 @ 337-262-6100 before crossing the bridge. (Vermillion Parish)
LA 3152List as 3152/Clearview Parkway. It is not marked LA 3152 on I10. Dist 02 (Jefferson Parish)
LA 3154Closed from north of 10th street to south of 9th street start 3-10-14 no permissions will be given per Scott Boyle w/ dist 02 (Jefferson parish) for a few months
LA 3168/93Hold 12' Wide (also see I10 E & LA 93 S)due to roundabout construction Start 11/28/12 per David Landry W/ Dist 03 (Lafayette Parish)
LA 3169Closed at bridge over Bayou Rigolette between Colfax & US 71 per Mark winn w/ Dist 08 Start 10/20/10 update 6/5/13 (Grant parish)
LA 3177Hold 8' 6" Wide between I10 and Church Loop Street start 7/8/13 UFN for permission contact Sharon Soileau w/ Dist 03 @ 337-948-0285 (St Martin Parish)
LA 3197Closed to thru traffic. Has a bridge closed but can use to get to either side of bridge per Keith Angelette w/ dist 02 updated 11-19-13 Start 6/20/03 Dist 02 (Terrebonne Parish)
LA 3201Closed south of Winnsboro between La 865 and Us 425...start 3-17-14 approx 1 year (Franklin parish)
LA 3266Closed at bridge between La 1 and La 308 which is La3266/Tiger Dr starting 9-3-13 per Dist 02 (Terrebonne Parish)
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LAPALCOHold overweight permits on Lapalco between LA 3017 & LA 3018 @ Intracoastal Waterway due to posted bridge per Del Bosarge W/ Jefferson exceptions & no permissions start 9-28-12 This is a permanent restriction Dist 02 (Jefferson Parish)
Maree MichelParish Rd in Gueydan No longer used for permit loads Dist 03 (Vermillion Parish)
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US 11No permit loads across Lake Pontchartrain Bridge. Dist 02 (Orleans Parish)
US 61 NBClosed US 61/Tulane NB under I10 - Right Lane & Ramp to I10 West Closed Starting Now for approx 1 year. UFN as per Bridge…updated 2-5-14....(Orleans Parish) No permission can be given, this is not construction is it damaged roadway.
US 79Hold 10' wide at Texas Line start asap per James Mangawang w/ Texas permits (Caddo parish) UFN {at least thru July 2014}
US 79No permit loads in the town square of Homer Use 79 BP to go around 11/15/2010 Dist 04 (Claiborne Parish)
US 80Closed between Bossier City and Shreveport to all permit loads @ Red River Bridge start 11/14/02 Dist 04 (Bossier Parish)
US 84Legal weight @ Texas line as per James Mangawang W/ Texas permits updated 9/25/13 Dist 08 (Desoto Parish)
US 90Hold 16' Wide from LA 182@Broussard to East of LA 92 @Wall St/Allier rd...Start 3/25/13 UFN per David Landry W/ Dist 03 @ 337-349-1464 (Lafayette Parish)
US 90No permit loads crossing Bayou Ramos in Morgan City. Detour EB 90-182@Morgan City-Lake Palourde BP-90 and reverse WB 90-Lake Palourde BP-182-90@Morgan City revised 4-12-12 Dist 03 (St Mary Parish)
US 90No permit loads in or out of Mississippi Dist 62 (St Tammany Parish)
US 90BHold 90,000 lbs WB @ Greater New Orleans Bridge, **from Eastbank to Westbank ** Dist 02 (Orleans Parish)
US 90BPosted for legal weight between Ames Blvd and Terry Parkway Start 12-6-11 per Bridge**Must hold centerlane if overweight and can get off/on anywhere in between**update 10-4-12 Dist 02 (Jefferson parish)
US 165BClosed across Jackson Street bridge in Alexandria/Pineville. We don't put permit loads across this bridge (Rapides)
US 165BClosed to all permit loads @ Gillis W Long/ Jackson St Bridge over Red River in Alexandria UFN as per Justin W/ Dist 08 Updated 10/22/13 (Rapides Parish)
US 190Closed to permit loads on Old bridge crossing Miss River in Baton Rouge starting 6-12-13 UFN per Todd Donmeyer w/ Dist 61 (West Baton Rouge parish) approx 1 year
US 190Hold 11' wide from 1/2 mile West of LA 441 to 1 mile East of LA 43 updated 11-6-13 ufn per Candace W/ Dist 62 @ 225-686-2689 (Livingston/Tangipahoa Parish)
US 190Hold 12’ wide between LA 445 & LA 1077 Start 1/10/2014 as per Steve Perilloux W/ Dist 62 @ 985-375-0275 (Tangipahoa Parish)
US 190Hold oversize loads between La 22 and Lonesome Rd near Mandeville Start 4/1/13 per Patrick Smith W/ Command Const @ 504-250-1823 Dist 62 (St Tammany Parish)
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